Your guide to air passenger rights

1 in 4 flights are delayed. That’s why it pays to know your rights.


What are passenger rights?


What you are entitled to


Lost and damaged luggage


Airline strikes and your rights


Compensation and refunds


How to claim compensation


Protect your flights with AirHelp Plus

Simply put, they’re the laws and regulations that protect all of us when we fly

1 in 4 flights are delayed. That’s why it pays to know your rights.

We want you to understand your rights and how they can benefit you. And we want to help you when you face a flight delay or cancellation.

Rosa Garcia

Rosa Garcia

Strategic Legal Counsel / Air Passenger Rights Advocate at AirHelp

Know your rights when you fly

We break down the rights that will benefit you

Your departure

Your destination

Your flight disruption


Why choose AirHelp

We've helped over 2.2 million passengers get compensated for a delayed or canceled flight so far

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  • Easy claiming
    Easy claiming

    We handle your claim from start to finish, so you don’t have to do a thing.

  • We fight for your rights
    We fight for your rights

    Our network of specialized lawyers is the biggest in the world and takes your claim to court if necessary.

  • AirHelp Plus
    AirHelp Plus

    The protection you need when your flights don’t go to plan.

85% of passengers don't know their rights. Don't be one of them.

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